Sunday, September 12, 2010

Introducing: The BOGOs

Well, for those of you whom we didn’t tell this summer… and you haven’t seen on facebook… and possibly have lost all communication with us for the past two months (just kidding), I am pregnant and due in February. Not only that, but we are expecting twins, just because we are efficient that way. I figured I had a lot of catching up to do in the changing dirty diapers department and just one baby wouldn’t quite do the trick. So, two it is. Since we found out, Chris and I have affectionately called our little mini me’s the BOGOs, meaning Buy One Get One free. See, all of those parents out there who decided to have their babies one at a time had to pay for twice the doctor’s visits, suckers! Now when I go to the doctor, she has to check all three of us out for the same price that she is checking out just one baby. Efficiency is the key.

Speaking of the doctor, Chris and I both got to go recently to check on the BOGO’s and make sure they are plugging away. We got to meet the doctor at the local hospital and ask some of our burning questions such as, “Is there ANY coffee shop is Seoul that sells decaf coffee?” We also got to get an ultrasound and hear their little heartbeats for the first time. The last ultrasound I got was when I was around 7 weeks in the States. Aren’t they cute?

Needless to say, the jump from 7 weeks to 15 weeks was a pretty big one. Turns out, they aren’t just little smears on the ultrasound page but there are actually babies in there! It was amazing to see them moving around and wiggling their little fingers already. As usually happens, we did have a few “cultural” experiences that kept us entertained during the visit. First of all, it is very uncustomary for patients to ask any questions or really speak at all during the ultrasound process. I knew this but I was too giddy to keep my trap shut so the ultrasound technician gave me the “be silent eye” on a few occasions. She showed us all of the different parts of the babies including their hands and legs and heads. Every once in a while, we would catch a glimpse of the whole body and get really excited. When the time came for the photo shoot to end, the tech gave us a stack of pictures. We eagerly looked through and saw such highlights as…

Baby A's head

Baby B's abdomen

Baby A's Femur

Baby B's humerus

We kept waiting and flipping through but not one of the pictures was anything close to a whole baby picture! Femurs, check. Abdomens, check. Something that actually resembles a baby and not another ultrasound smear, no check. Oh well. I was glad that Chris got to be there as well so that we could reminisce about what the little BOGOs looked like. To help give you a mental picture, I think that they both have my nose and Chris’ chin. You’ll have a to wait a few more months to let us know what you think.


Tori said...

I sure do love them! I think they have my femur.

Michael said...

Somehow Emily and I missed this announcement. So without further ado...