Saturday, February 19, 2011

Diary of a New Mom

For those of you who follow our blog, you may remember that about a year ago, I posted a marathoner’s diary about a marathon that I ran in Taiwan. Well, a year later, I find myself in a completely new type of marathon… new mother of twins. I thought it only appropriate to post a diary about this harrowing experience as well.

8:00 PM

Attempt to have “last feeding” of the day. Both twins fed, go to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. Ha.

8:10 PM

Twin #1 decides it isn’t time for bed yet and gets a little fussy. Wondering if maybe she didn’t eat enough at her last feeding and try to feed again. Soothing / feeding for an hour.

9:30 PM

Twin #1 goes down.

10:00 PM

Twin #2 wakes up ready to eat. Feed twin #2 and try to put her down.

11:00 PM

Twin #2 doesn’t want to go down. Wondering if she ate enough at her last feeding. Doesn’t seem interested in eating so try to rock her to sleep.

11:15 PM

Twin #2 goes down.

11:30 PM

Twin #2 begins to scream.

11:45 PM

Twin #2 goes down.

12:00 AM

Twin #2 begins to scream.

12:30 AM

Twin #2 goes down.

1:00 AM

Twin #1 wakes up ready to eat. Feed and soothe twin #1. Debate waking up twin #2 in order to eat and perhaps get her back on the same schedule as twin #1 since it has been a couple hours since she ate last. Wish that babies had a fuel gauge to tell me how much food they had in their bellies.

1:45 AM

Wake up twin #2 to eat.

1:46 AM

Regret waking up twin #2 to eat.

2:30 AM

Twin #1 fed and asleep. Soothe and put down twin #2.

3:00 – 5:00 AM

Sleep, glorious, glorious sleep for mom and grandma.

There are two lessons that I took away from this night. Number one, motherhood is one of the most demanding but by far the very best experience I have ever had. Number two, there is no way in the world that I could do this without my own mom here with me at each and every feeding providing an extra pair of hands, moral support, and some much needed comic relief when I am at my wits’ end. So, I would like to raise my proverbial glass to all moms out there and give you a shout out of appreciation. Go have a glass of wine (or three). You deserve it.


The Stinson Family said...

Wow! Hard to even imagine! You are awesome

junia said...

Rockstar! That sounds crazy.

stephanie said...

You're amazing!!

Tori said...

1:46 is my favorite. I love you! You are doing so great.