Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Taste of Thailand

This past week, Koreans celebrated Chuseok, a holiday similar to our Thanksgiving. And, because we work in Korea, we got the week off (add another point to the teaching abroad column!). So, as we normally do when we have time off, we loaded everyone up and took off. Some good friends of ours used to live in Thailand so we took advantage of their tour guiding skills and hit the sunny beaches of Phuket. This week was extra special because we got to relish in the most treasured of words in any traveler’s vocabulary, “upgrade”. Our original hotel was undergoing some maintenance so we luxuriated all week long in private villas with our own swimming pool just a few steps from the beach. It’s a rough life. Here are some of the highlights:
 Everyone at the pool

Meeting the baby elephant 

Telling Dada all about the ocean waves 

Going for a walk with Mama 

Feeding the ducks every morning at breakfast 

I love this place! Don't you, sis?

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