Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ah, Silly Taiwan

Here are a few pictures of some of the funny things we've seen since we arrived...

A guy walking his pig

A weiner dog restaurant sign... we haven't eaten here yet

A street cleaner wearing a reflective rice patty hat

Why, plastic grazing cows, of course!

Random Chinese cow totem pole

OK, apparently t-shirts that were printed with mistakes in English are sold to Taiwanese stores for super cheap so you can find very entertaining shirts all over the place...

Disonsaurs are scarely!
Can you challenge to the yreainess of nature? Can you?

Chris couldn't resist this one... Spin the bottle world champion

Good navigation peace keep... Global Wroks... keep reading, it gets even better
I'm sure that there will be more to come...


John & Mary Virginia Sweeney said...

Congrats on the gold medal! Apparently there are still events that NBC won't air for 2008 Beijing Olympics. We did not know that Spin the Bottle was considered an Olympic sport. Can you tell us more about it? Are time trials involved?? Is it a team sport or do you go "solo"? Are you judged on performance or is this a speed thing? Love the photos!! John & MV

Abbey said...

HA! Love the shirt! Too funny. And it's spelled right too. What a bonus!
Although I must say, I would have to spend a fortune on T-Shirts that were misprints... those are awesome!! :)
Can't imagine why you haven't tried the weiner dog place... he's so cute! And I thought you were a dog person! Speaking of pups, Tica is about to get a bath. She looks like a wizard when she's wet w/ that droopy beard and stache! So cute. :)

Alice Robbins said...

Great stuff! I have REAL wild pigs in my neighborhood! Although the new construction has scared them off for a time. I found them digging for roots in my back yard one day!

You are having a GREAT time! I LOVE the way English is "used" sometimes!