Monday, August 4, 2008

Traveling Woes

Well, as we write our first blog, we find ourselves still in the lovely Atlanta Hartsfield Airport. Yes, though it is Friday afternoon and we should be about an hour and a half away from Taipei, we just enjoyed Atlanta too much to spend only a couple of hours here.
Due to severe weather last night, we boarded our flight to Atlanta two hours late. Then, there was another cell that came over the Atlanta airport while we were on the runway waiting to leave so we sat for an hour more on the plane. Finally landing in Atlanta three hours late, we were about to pull up to the gate when ground crews were called inside due to lightning and we waited another 40 minutes or so on the ground in Atlanta. Our connecting flight was also late so we had been calling to see if it had left yet. But, as soon as we stepped off the plane and looked to see where our next gate was, we saw the dreaded word “Departed” next to our flight.
Frantically trying to find another flight to the west coast, the nice people at Delta informed us that our next hope of getting to San Francisco wasn’t until today at 5:00 in the afternoon. So, we booked ourselves on that flight and, like cattle, we followed the herd to the nearest EconoLodge at 2:00 this morning. We had a leisurely morning and finally made it back to the airport at about 1:30 thinking that we were going to have way too much time on our hands. But, as air travel would have it, we were glad to have all of that extra time. After waiting about an hour in line to check in, we found that we were not actually confirmed on the flight from San Francisco to Taipei and, for reasons beyond our understanding, it took our agent nearly an hour to book us on that flight. Currently we have a ticket but no boarding pass so we are hoping that the good people in San Francisco will give us one. Here’s hopin’!

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Abbey said...

I'm so sorry, girl. That was probably exhausting. Ugh..